Monday, August 17, 2020

Interesting time at Sully

 Well, we didn't see the waterspout but I was sufficiently worried to be checking the Rainfall Radar pretty regularly since it was always a possibility that we could have a squall or something similar.

In the end we didn't and it was the almost total absence of wind that made the finish interesting. The laser was fighting the tide, running down the line and could have just put his boom end over the line to finish and then sailed for the shore. Clearing the line in the direction of the course. Instead she attempted to cross the line completely, got her rudder stuck on the anchor line of the committee boat and then got swept into contact with the committee boat. The interesting thing is that next year it would need to be the hull that crosses the line, not "crew or equipment in normal position".

Then to make matters worse, as she was swept away downtide the one turn penalty was executed in a manner that took her even further downtide. I think she did two turn and it was almost 10 minutes before she got back and finally finished.

At the other end of the fleet the Toppers were playing "Team Racing" and going off into coffin corner. I continue to fail to understand why stopping is such a difficult thing for young racers to do. Hanging back and timing your acceleration is much easier than charging about and having one shot at getting it right. Or take a penalty and then use rule 24.2 as protection, do your turns and hope that when you come out of them the aggressor is out of position. Only problem is that you have to do it early enough that you are not late for the start.

All the fun of the fair at Sully!