Friday, November 22, 2013

What Rules Apply?

I have put a video on YouTube which I think is an interesting illustration of rules.

22 seconds of team racing, mark 1 on a team racing S course can just be seen as it starts. The course should be a reach to the right of the picture but the sailors decide to play, Boats 11 and 12 are in the same team against Boat 7.

At 4 secs we don't need to worry about Rule 17 applying between 7 and 11 just Rules 11 and 15.

7 secs and 12 becomes subject to Rule 13

9 secs and 12 completes and 11 is subject to Rule 13 How does Rule 15 work.

10 secs and Rule 10 applies between boats 11 & 12. Boat 7 is probably entitled to room under rule 19 or does rule 13 mean she has to keep clear or has rule 15 mean she put herself into the situation and if boat 12 makes contact we should penalise boat 7?

12 secs and it is clear that they are now steering to pass astern of boat 12, does boat 12 infringe Rule 16.2 with her luff?

14 secs and 12 is again subject to Rule 13 but Rule 16.1 prevents boat 7 coming back at her

19 secs and we are back to Rules 11 & 17 and the incident is pretty much over.

At least it was light enough that we would not be considering Rule 14 and it looks as if rule 12 didn't apply at any stage.

It also looks as if the move by boat 12 failed.

There was a protest and the Umpires green flagged it as, at the time, we couldn't agree on the rules that applie.