Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Policy

Maybe I am going to try and post more on this blog, but it will probably mean more concentration on teaching sailing and perhaps less on racing and the rules.

So what has been bugging me lately is the need to teach the little things that you would not expect in order for kids these days to succeed in their sailing. Where to place your feet, (which always was in The Method), how to duck (put your head between your knees) and how they are inter related.

If your feet are not in the correct position there will not be a gap for you to put your head into, you then end up leaning backwards to avoid the boom as it comes towards you and the next thing you know you have fallen out of the boat.

The little things are the basis of success, but some things you cannot control, so does it matter if they push the steering the wrong way and gybe instead of tack. Land drills can help, but at some stage you have to get them sailing and there will be mistakes.