Monday, January 14, 2013

Weymouth Opinions

Great time at Weymouth for the RYA Winter Match Racing.

Interesting discussion as to how long we should give a boat with two penalties pre-start before black flagging them for not taking a penalty "as soon as possible".

I have always felt that you need to be certain that they have started and then they have about 10 seconds. Another opinion was that you look at the intent of the rule - which is to avoid the penalised boat continuing to attack the other boat after the start - which would imply there is more time. The other historic opinion is that you simply apply the rule and if you are certain that they have started and there is no action you should penalise them - very harsh.

The other interesting discussion about team racing and the amount of room a boat could take at the pin end of the finish line. In the old days you could do pretty much as you wanted, if you got into the zone first. Then it changed, so that you only had room to sail "to the mark" so you could bear off a little. Now you only have room to "sail the course" and since the course involves finishing and the boat will have practically no protection from Rule18. It should, however, be protected by 15 and 16.1.

It was an interesting discussion about a tactic I have never seen on the water.