Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grumpy Old Men

So the Grumpy Old Git asks "How long is that painter/bow line" -
"About one and a half times the length of the dory" comes the reply.
"Can you think of a problem that might create?" I ask.
"There is no problem - we keep the line coiled tidy in accordance with Regulations"
"Don't you think it would be better if the problem could not happen? I ask
"It won't happen to us!" is the reply. Oh the assurance of youth.
At this point I give up - some peoples minds are just closed.

I was lucky when it happened to me I was in the middle of Torbay and had a virtually new dry suit. So I was able to get in the water and cut the painter off the outboard propeller at my leisure. No one was drowning and in need of rescuing, there was no lee shore onto which I was being driven.

I will go and cut the line tomorrow - as Sod's law says it will be me, in a rush who has this bow line go round the prop, But it would be nice to see the youngsters have the experience and perhaps be a little more thoughtful.

Like I said I am a grumpy old man.