Friday, September 7, 2012

A Disconnect

OOP's - I feel sorry for GBR's Sonar Sailors who have lost out on a Medal as a result of their Bosun's action, but it illustrates the disconnect between Race Officials and the Coaches and Sailors which has worried me for some time.
Many times Judges have offered to get involved with training, Coaches, usually, say it is a good idea but somehow it does not materialise. This weekend I will be at the WYA Acorn Regatta as Protest Committee Chair. I have offered to talk rules - but it ain't going to happen. What I am there for is to make protests go away. They want them arbitratrated - they want to do it right - but they really don't want protests.

Good sailors need some arrogance - but if it is not tempered and the authority of an International Jury recognised it can have unfortunate effects. Not dealing with Protests and the rules doesn't help reign in the drive, which is present throughout the team.

I wonder if things will be different in the future?