Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Welcome to 2017

New Year and a new set of rules.

Brushing my teeth, I was reflecting on how the modern sport is fractioning into different areas.

The Match Racers now have a totally different version of rule 18 to the rest of the sport, and increasingly want to be foiling. The Team Racers with their starboard roundings are going to have a lot of fun with the new rule 18.3 (see US Sailing interpretations) meanwhile the fleet racer will continue to pretty much as before.

The Mark Layers continue their ascent. Race Officers no longer run the show - they just start the races. Luckily, the Results People are more and more accustomed to dealing with scoring errors and the sailors are able to avoid the protest room. Dinghy sailors don't really want to protest anyway. How long will International Juries last?

On the Proficiency side there are increased prescriptions - you MUST turn the engine off when changing drivers in a powerboat. You MUST keep your hand on the throttle at all times. All good practise and no judgement required.

Club sailors do their thing while the international circuses continue to grab the headlines.

My guess is that it was always so, or maybe I am just getting old.