Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumping while planing

There is an interpretation going around that once you are planing you cannot pump, even if it is to initiate a surf.

As a laser sailor I used to love strong winds and big waves and even thought he boat was planing would pump, only once per wave to try and catch a surf. The thought that this is not (was not) allowed really frustrates me.

It's like having a rule that says:-

"When its cold or really cold a person can light a fire in their workshop or home."

Does this statement mean that if they lit a fire in their workshop because it is cold they cannot light a fire at home when it gets really cold?

This seems to me to be the way Rule 42.2(c) is being construed. Because you are planing you cannot pump even if it would initiate a surf because planing is no longer possible since it is actually happening?

Sometimes the semantics of the rule astound me - but this time I think the interpretation is wrong but that is not going to be any use when you get flagged.

Can someone explain - I have a feeling that set theory could be involved!