Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Matter of Principal

Coming away from the Inter-Services team racing there were a couple of cases causing me to think. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to talk them through with the people involved. One incident was pre-start when a boat wanted room to pass to leeward of a boat ahead. He was not happy to get a penalty and was arguing that it was just the same as passing astern of a starboard tack boat. Sorry, I do find the concept of the vanishing obstruction in this case amusing (as soon as he gets to leeward of this obstruction he is the right of way boat - the obstruction or boat clear ahead, has vanished) since he put himself there he gets no transition relief either. At least that is my take on the subject. It's very difficult to go to leeward if you have a boat to leeward or even astern of you. The other incident was a boat tacking onto starboard infront of a pair of boats and the time needed. I didn't hear the hails, so cannot comment on the incident, but it got nme thinking. The fac tis that the boat which has to call cannot (should not) call until the other boat has completed their tack onto starboard. Having called there must then be time for the boat called to react. It's quite a long time. Of course the boat that originally tacked onto starboard can help by avoiding contact, which will retain the tactical advantage and beggs the question of whether he should be penalised for tacking too close - even though he did not press it. I think there is a call that says providing he avoids then all is OK - despite the advantage gained. Suppose he did provide the time so it probably is OK.