Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another year

I moved back to Barry in 2008. BYC had said that they would have access to the docks via a pontoon by Easter of that year. I spent the summer working with their cadets every other week (tide makes it difficult). Messages were passed to me via the younger instructors, but no one actually spoke to me until October when I was asked to sign a scrap of paper so as to be a director of a community interest company.

As these cannot be charities which would make fundraising difficult, I formed Barry Youth Watersports. BYC seem to think I have stolen 'their idea' and I have been told various things eg "You want to make money out of young people" "Tou cost us a lot of money" etc.

Everyone wants to protect their little bit and no one is prepared to push forward and get things happening. We are now coming up to my third seadon in Barry and there is little prospect of any more sailing on Barry Docks than when I moved here. So I have booked holidays for much of the summer - I may put in more effort if sense ever breaks out but I ain't holding my breath.

Favourite saying "Barry - graveyard of enterprise"