Monday, February 12, 2018

Why do we do it?

This weekend was the fourth this year where the weather has been, shall we say, inclement.

The first weekend it rained constantly, both days and was cold, the next two it only rained on the Saturday and on the fourth it only rained on the Saturday but was particularly freezing on the Sunday. It has not been a nice month for umpires.

However, at least this last weekend the racing was really good. That is the reward for sitting in an Umpire boat, getting soaked and freezing, when there is a good team and you get to watch really good sailors. They may make mistakes but giving feedback is easy and rewarding.

The first weekend was a really grass-roots event. Much more difficult, it was down to the inexperience of the team, and the competitors. It was dire watching some poor sailing, poor judgement and slow progress, as the sleet came down. I console myself that these things are necessary, but it does place an obligation, I believe on all to try and do better.

So DO BETTER!! All of you.