Sunday, March 31, 2013

What do they want?

Have just done one of my duties at Sully Sailing Club. There are not many options for courses here in the Bristol Channel and I thought I had done pretty well with basically an upwind downwind course with a short reach at the bottom. Couple of Cats and Lasers - the run should be quite tactical. American Laser sailors would have loved it.

No. I was wrong - they just wanted blasting reaches - so we pulled the wing mark up and out into the tide and everyone was happy for the second race.

They usually do a square with tight reaches and the run downtide so it does not last too long.  The first boat took 15 secs to get across the start line and the last boat crossed at about 1min 30scs. I should not have been so ambitious and just followed the party line.

What really puts it into focus is that I have just come back from the BUSA Match Racing Championships where the runs had to be accurate dead runs and there was plenty of action downwind - they found it very tactical.