Thursday, November 26, 2020

What is Wanted

 Since Penarth Regatta I have been playing Race Officer at Sully Sailing Club.

Sully provides some of the most difficult conditions for a race officer that I am aware of. The tide runs strongly but eddies around the bay in a manner which varies according to the size of the tide. It also appears to be in a position where the wind changes - a lot. Often it is a sea breeze coming up the Channel, turning an east wind into a westerly, but I have seen the wind swing from a westerly to the east. So difficult - a real challenge

Last weekend I got a race started and after a short beat what little wind there was died. It took the sailors almost an hour to complete a single lap. Next race a light breeze had returned and they took just over 10 minutes.

Had that been an open meeting I would have abandoned the race. As a club race, I let it run. I have yet to ask the participants if this was appropriate. It's really hard. 


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