Friday, February 15, 2019

A lifetime's Experience

I really find it hard to understand how someone could think that taking a jib halyard out of a mast is not going to cause inconvenience to the next user. Putting it neatly under the foredeck and forgetting about it just does not cut it - in my opinion. Not to mention the fact that with a modern mast you have to mouse the thing to get it back in. Does no one care anymore?

Similarly, your crew are sitting out using the toestraps and you tell them it's not something I would do in an institutional boat, I use something solid like the thwart or centreboard capping  - And, lo and behold, as you tell them "often the toe straps knots are undone" - you notice that the toestrap knots are undone.

Increasingly I find shroud pins not taped - no one seems to care. What matter that you could lose a mast.

Noticing and understanding such thing si the result of a lifetime of experience. I uess one shouldn't expect young sailors to realise such things or the possible consequences.


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