Friday, February 8, 2019

Its Complicated, or is it?

I rarely post to discussions on Racing Rules of Sailing but was tempted by a discussion on  racing or finished racing? Put my piece up and was amazed at the way the discussion continued in a vigorous manner.

The problem arises because a boat finishes "when any part ... crosses the finishing line", but is still racing (and therefore subject to the racing rules) until she "clears the finishing line and marks". She can, therefore, be penalised if she hits the finish mark (or for other infringements) after finishing but before clearing the line and marks.

A most interesting aspect of the discussion was probably the question of whether having finished and cleared the line, subsequent actions could bring her close to a mark and put her back into a racing state. Rules can switch on and off like that.

At least one correspondent mentioned "Overtaking Boat" and didn't seem to consider RRS24, another did.

It was an interesting discussion - I said I liked the argument put forward - but was surprised by the amount of correspondence it generated.

Anyone can register on  Racing Rules of Sailing it is not an official World Sailing site but an interesting forum which, I think, gives an insight ito how the average sailor might think about the rules.


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