Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Well, that didn't work

Seems I resolved in June to put more up, and here we are six months later thinking "I must make a New Year Resolution to blog more."

And all the time there were drafts sitting there.

So what got me back here was a couple of youth and school team racing events where there was a lack protests. I know how unreliable young people are, but surely the team managers could empasise the need to have a red flag and explain how to protest. It's not rocket science and every briefing emphasises the need to show the flag clearly. No one ever asks "Why do I need a flag?"

I also try and get youngsters to have pvc insulating tape with them so that they can tape shroud pins. In my old fashioned opinion if they come undone there is no redress and they should have their damage deposit docked if they damage the mast - so it could be expensive as well as costing a race.

The other thing they need is a bailer - it's not difficult to cut up a plastic milk bottle so that you can bail the boat out - the good crews have them - show you are a good crew and carry one.

And how do you expect to start well if you don't have a watch?

I despair - the blog may not help but I feel better for it! 


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