Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Risks of Tall Grass

I have been mowing the grass recently - my contribution to improved safety. However, you are unlikely to find "tall grass" in the risk assessments. In fact I doubt if many people are aware of the risk assessments - but there is nothing unusual about that..

Let the picture tell the story, have a look at the results of my effort, this is a work in progress and there is a section where the tall grass still exists and, as you can see the view of the water is obstructed.

As usual, it was only a feeling that cutting the grass was important, until the other night when I was standing in this spot and realised that I was finding it difficult to see the sailing boats on the water.

There is a small section of grass cut on the other side as you can see from the photo below - I really need to gather the enthusiasm to finish the job.

Dynamic Risk Assessments are often referred to. Here is an example of one in action. By recording it I hope it encourages others to follow safe practises. It is the little things, like this, that produce a "culture of safety" Not reams of written risk assessments that people are just unaware of.


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