Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Public Humiliation

At the championships I am currently at we have modified Appendix P so that all penalties for infringing Rule 42 are two turns. However, when we come ashore we have to post a notice giving the sail numbers of the boats we have penalised. Jokingly, someone said "for the sake of Public Humiliation"

Given the current climate, one wonders whether the sailors should not be allowed to maintain the privacy of this experience. If they choose not to mention it, why should we post a notice telling everyone, when it makes no difference to what will happen.

There is some logic to it when the penalties are cumulative, as they are reminded as to the penalty they have to take according to how many times they have infringed - but when it makes no difference? Could it not lead to bullying by their peers or coaches. On the other hand it could be a badge of achievement - but should we celebrate breaking the rules?

When you can have your name removed from Google why shouldn't you have your name removed from the Official Noticeboard? What do you think?


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