Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun in Plymouth

Just back from Race Oficering the SW RYA Volvo Zone Championships at Plymouth. I like Plymouth, but it must be one of the most difficult places to play Race Officer. There are two shipping channels running through the course areas. Keeping out of them is not easy. The place is masively tidal, and this weekend the wind in my course area was being really difficult.

The forecast was northerly, which it was, in the lulls, but under the clouds and when it blew, it went to the west by 40degrees and would stay there for 10-15 minutes, before dying and going north. Then of course sometimes it overdid the dying and became very patchy. The racing was ugly, but it must have looked good when the large Brittany Ferries boat went between the courses!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before the prizegiving to catch a train, we had protests to be dealt with but it was a good weekend. The scorer was extremely conscientious and spent a lot of time looking for all of the boats (I just accept that some will go missing and, as long as their tallies are in, it is not worth worrying - they will tell us quick enough if they should have been scored). Sailwave proved again that it is not user friendly by stuffing all the class results together when uploaded to the web.


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