Sunday, May 30, 2010

NSSA Championships

Who needs Sailing Instructions?

Having run the event for a number of years, at the briefing I said the start sequence would be 3, 2, 1, go and duely did that. It was only on Sunday morning after running four races that I read the SI's and realised that last year someone had gone to the conventional 5,4,1 go and I had failed to change it back. Rather than let on I stayed with 3,2,1 - no one has said anything. Apart from this blog no one would even know about it - so what is the point in SI's?

More important the numbers in the Main Fleet are down below 50 - the Rookie Fleet keeps overall numbers respectable but the question of how we promote the event remains. The usual suggestion that it is the wrong time of year keeps coming up but the calendar is so full now that we cannot think of another date. Would a venue change make any difference? My opinion is not of itself, we need to promote the thing.

My idea is to get the young people to do the promoting. We should appoint NSSA Ambassadors - give them fliers, give them a distinctive badge to wear (the old yellow NSSA Race Team badges used to do that), give them membership forms let them promote the interest. What will be the objections - how long before it doesn't happen? (Cynical or wot?)


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